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 About Peter Ray

Gifted photographer Peter Ray found his calling and his home in Highlands, North Carolina. 

He says, “I love living here.  I have not wanted to travel a lot because there is no end to exciting images to see and photograph all around me.  Every day presents its own visual gift.” 

In many ways, photography has become a spiritual exercise for him.  It is a way of seeing and of being present in the world in which we live.  He avoids the terms many photographers use like "shoot" and "capture" and prefers to think of "recording" or "finding" images that nature chooses to share if we are present enough to see them.

Chief among nature's blessings for him is water, especially moving water.  It gives life and it has many moods from fast and dangerous to quiet and reflective.  It makes its way from the mountains to the sea and then returns as rain and fog to begin the journey all over again.  Living in a place where moving water is plentiful, he finds that it continually quenches his thirst for inspiration.

Another blessing is that of light - light which is continually changing and illuminating the gifts of this world.  It is not something to be chased but to be found and experienced.

He is also fond of old things, old buildings and structures and vehicles.  They remind him of mankind's creativity and determination but also of our transitional nature and fragility.

And then there are those small and intimate details of the world such as flowers and mushrooms, details that we often overlook in our hurry to move from one place to another.

Finally, he finds it a joy to discover new talents and passions in his life, to realize that he has an artist's heart and to be able to share the images that he has found with others.

He may be contacted by phone (828-787-1463) or email (

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